I love writing,we all have some things inside our mind,commonly known as thoughts, some love to express it, not to prove something, but just to share their opinion, thats what i do… everything in this blog is imaginary,and original


Living a Life

I hope you all are in good mood and health, if you are not it is also fine, because the things I am going to tell will make you appreciate everything. 

What does living a life to the fullest extend means???

To live every moment like a king? Or to stay happy? or to go and conquer the world? the views may change with every single mind and thought. 

But to live at the fullest extend means accepting everything that comes your way, living means exploring everything around you, to laugh until you can’t anymore, to cry, to shout, to fight, to fall, to love, to try new things, to eat the mouth watering food and also to taste all those food that people say are awful. Who knows you may fall in love for that food. So try them yourself because when you live by others opinion and experience, you lack that freedom and truth you need. But when you, yourself experience that crazy ride, that delicious food, that huge skyscraper, that beautiful flower and you feel that excitement in real, all by yourself, that’s what it is mean to be living your life to the fullest extend. 

Now a step further, living means exploring just not the good things but the worse ones too. Because it make you generous and take your character to the next level! When you get tired after doing work, that feeling is something that only those who do hard work can understand. If you fall ill, you know how it feels and at that moment you have explored something from this life. When you are all broke sleeping at a bus stop hungry, you have explored something priceless, and when you will become rich, you will never hesitate to help that person who is sleeping on that bus stop. These all things make us, when we remove that fear and dive into the air. Than only we can see how much beautiful a flight can be. But all you need is courage. 

I have tried so many things but I never stop. The first time I tried eating momos I threw them into the dustbin, but now I love them because I tried again at a different shop. So be open and never let others opinion or your own opinion come in your way of trying new things. You may never know what you are going to find interesting.

Give chance to others and do different things in life. May be it will be a turning point for you. May be you will find the new meaning of your life. May be you will find the happiness, you always craved for. May be. Who knows. So try everything without hestitation and keep your fears aside because those experiences are going to be priceless and living to the fullest requires courage, so you have to boost yourself to open the doors of the unknown.

Go for it and live your life to the fullest.

Faith & Logic

There are two type of people in this world one who do things logically, and the ones who leave everything on faith. I believe that those who leave everything on faith and do not want to move, try and use their mind are fools.


I believe in both, because I believe that when logic combines with faith you can achieve anything.
The most powerful thing of all that we witness in those who possess faith is ‘hope’ and that thing make a big difference.
When logic teaches you that you can achieve anything with some given requirements and when you fail to meet those given requirement you loose hope, and that’s when Faith comes, it give you hope and tells you to try one more time and one more and one more. And certainly you achieve something that is close to impossible, something that is possible in million tries, and it is because of faith you do not loose hope and achieved that.
So believe it or not but somehow faith makes you believe something that does not exist and you try harder to know the truth.

Follow the right thing,be united and respect everyone.

I was planning on writing about this topic,but because of some reasons I was unable to write about it before,last few days are a little bit full of learning experiences, this world is changing, more and more people are trying to break the prison of old values and beliefs.


The main topic today I want to write about is about the way a human mind thinks, we follow our ancestors without thinking what is right and what is wrong, no matter who we are ,from which religion or from which country, no matter what the rules want, we somehow find a way to shuffle them ,twist them and corrupt them, according to our own opinion, saying “that this is the only way”, because it is the easiest way, a shortcut, no matter if that path is wrong or right, we select that path because from a far distance we look at that and it look likes that the path is full of sparkles,success, wealth and fame, so we just go down to that path. We corrupt our country, our own religion and everything that is so pure and good, and that act of ours give that country, tribe, religion a bad name. The thing is that no religion teaches anything bad. So this is our own mistakes, but somehow we make our religion look bad by, not following what it teaches ,without knowing what is there in our books, we just follow the priest and preachers and blindly follow them ,we fight and hate each other, in my religion in Islam if you save a life you have saved the entire human race,and if you kill a innocent,it is like you killed every human being ,Almighty love everyone equally, he love us 70 times more than our mother, and want us to do good deeds, and to help each other and no religion tell us to kill innocent people children and fight because of land, money etc.

Yesterday I was watching “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” , that movie gives a good lesson that the boundaries we have is nothing but created by our ancestors, because of some foolish reasons, and we know the reason too, today, and the truth behind them. Today we are much advanced and evolved, and I don’t know about others but I do not want these boundaries, but because of some fools we are wasting our resources, I wonder what will happen when a country is going to put there foot on another planet someday. That is another big topic,so i better not discuss that now.

I am an athlete and I am really proud that I am one of those who don’t believe in boundaries and race and religion or language.
And when I talk to people who blame countries and every person living in them, cursing them, people cursing others religion, I feel shame that i am standing with them.

But I know one thing that as a muslim, I am not allowed to say bad words about other religion, as a muslim we have to be the example, that what is in our books, that what does it teaches. I dream of the world where there is no boundary, and everyone is free to choose the way he/she wants to live.

Well I am actually living in a country where I am free to choose my religion,i live with people that are from different religion ,and they are my friends,and i feel lucky about that. But because of some corrupt people, and some people who know only to hate , we witness bloodshed in the name of religion.

But I believe that a day will come where we all will stand holding hands of each other, supporting each other and walking with each other with respect for each others culture and ways.

Isn’t it looks beautiful when, we see people, playing holi, and enjoying at Diwali, eating siwaiye on eid, gujiya on holi, I love every festival and culture.And the people.  And no matter what will happen, I will stand firm on this hope if that means standing alone, I love my religion and my country.
I know everyone do love their religion and country but that doesn’t mean that this makes other religion or country lower than ours. So remove that hate from your heart. We all are Human beings and as far as I know, no religion teaches hate, they teach us to help others,to love,to forgive and to live a happy life.

A Freerunner

A freerunner is someone who do freerunning which is a sport that require a person to use his body and surroundings to create new movements.I am a freerunner and i love this community and people in it. We help each other,support each other and we never get jealous of each other,when someone achieve something we feel happy about them. We are one of those rare people who know their weaknesses and strength and can take risk and can prevent ourselves from getting hurt,in short we take calculated risk,we are aware of our limits and work on them,we are free souls,following our own rules that are best suited for us.


But there is a downside to us.At one side we love helping others and supporting them and know when to give space but at the same times, we never listen to anyone but our own voice; first!!. We measure everything, we take advice but we follow them if we find them suitable for us. We are stubborn ,we are persistent, we do not like being controlled by anyone,we work best when we are free. We respect rules,but at the same time we break the rules that we feel like need to be broken. We respect our environment and nature, and love our surroundings with our whole heart.
We had worked on our fear for years and now we fear nothing,but our actions are controlled and measured.
We don’t allow others to handle or twist our life’s and we certainly don’t care about how people look at us and think about us. We are comfortable in our own skin.
And that’s the reason we allow others to be free and give them space and wants them to follow their heart and instincts.
We are the free runners, and people sometime also call us Urban ninjas.

Dream of a happy World

After just completed writing this post, I was thinking should I share it or not, because I want to keep this part of me a secret, may be because that’s my dream, so let’s start, but before that I should tell you that this is one of those million pieces of me, so do not think that this is all. Now we can begin!!!


I want to live a peaceful life, away from the chaotic life of this world, I really do not want to involve in any fight, or arguments because in the end they never end peacefully, the history is a testimony to that. I am a human being who feel things, and I have searched the depths of many emotions that exist, there is love and happiness that we feel when we touch nature and it inspire us to help and share Happiness around us, and there is pain that give birth to anger and rage and vengeance, it is total destruction and the only thing we feel afterwards is regret. I share my emotions through writing blogs, poems, songs and making videos, capturing life events, photograph. And I certainly do not like changing others views about life or the way that they live. But this habit of feeling everything that I can’t help, force me to come out from that peaceful cave and express my views sometimes.
Well this hate is staying with us from centuries because of which million dies and it calls on destruction. i believe in forgiving, I never hated anyone in my life and I can’t,
just imagine that there comes a time where all people will start fighting each other making groups.
at that time you are not going to find me with any group, at that time I will be travelling, visiting all the wonderful places Almighty created before our fighting world destroy them with those nuclear toys they feel so proud about, but I will master some survival skills that I always wanted to, so maybe I will be helping weak people on my journey. Like a good ninja!!!! 🙌 ; lol
Weird!!! Isn’t it. Well!! I hope that day will never come.

What is wrong and what is right? Who decide’s!!!! . Follow your intuition.

Reasoning is important, it gives you answers, that why something can be useful and right to do, and also tells you that if it include some negative things and is wrong, many times every action include good and bad results the only thing differs is the intensity. Sometimes the good things override the bad effects sometimes the opposite happens.
What decide those right and wrong things is our culture, religion, and most of the time experience.
For a certain action X person can see that it has more of the negative effects, and for the same action person Y can see that it has more of the good effects. So it changes from person to person, culture to culture and also age to age.
But some people do not believe in reasoning, they follow their desire and dreams, and then they do things that are morally very bad or sometimes very beneficial or heroic.impossible-mountain-top

That’s the reason we have bad and good people in this world, and when you ask them they do not regret anything. And that is something that make them different. Different in terms of living a life, They have a aim, a reason, a meaning.

Most of the people live a ordinary life thinking about doing something but never had that courage to follow that path.

The most important thing to live a peaceful and happy life is to follow your intuition, your inner voice, the path is difficult, but also very beautiful and easy to follow, because you want that thing. And when you follow that inner voice you explore yourself, and reach a deeper meaning and understanding of life. You will know how to love oneself and live a life without regret, and so did you will learn how to love others.You learn the meaning of right and wrong.

It is still incomplete because to explain it, and to understand it ,one must travel this path not just read and try to understand.

I can do it…..yes i can!!!

This is my first blog, and i want to start with something that i notice everyday in people around me,the hesitation, the doubt whether they are going to get success or not,many people quit before they start, before taking a single step, sometimes it is hesitation,fear of failure, but more than that the comments and advice’s from people around us ,we tend to follow the trend what others are running after without even giving a single thought that who we are following, who are the people ,giving us those advice’s, believe me my friend, each and every person in this world has a different story,life,era, abilities so before doing or quitting ,think about it, the thing that you want to do, if you really want to do that, do it, it is your life, you are responsible for everything, not the people who are now giving you advice’s, but most important thing is you should try, people are going to stop you, passing you comments,and going to laugh on you. And i do what i believe, before writing this i told my friend ,that i want to write, and his expressions are, why?you?stop? and i am like , i love writing that’s why, and i started writing,
When we want to try something, we want to get some advice’s, and then ask people around what they think,
so now here is the thing,
if you are surrounded by people who are creative, open minded, who also love doing the thing you asked for,for example you want to do painting, they are going to support you,appreciate you, help you, but if you ask someone who hate painting, he obviously going you give you a 100 reasons not to do painting,so first step is, that you should ask people who know about the field ,and are passionate about it, and not any random person.
the first step is to get the company of people of your field of interest, and the later steps will become easy for you…
And if you are the first one to attempt something you believe in, listen to your voice, follow your advice only you can help yourself.
so get up and start doing what you always wanted to do….

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