I love writing,we all have some things inside our mind,commonly known as thoughts, some love to express it, not to prove something, but just to share their opinion, thats what i do… everything in this blog is imaginary,and original

Dream of a happy World

After just completed writing this post, I was thinking should I share it or not, because I want to keep this part of me a secret, may be because that’s my dream, so let’s start, but before that I should tell you that this is one of those million pieces of me, so do not think that this is all. Now we can begin!!!


I want to live a peaceful life, away from the chaotic life of this world, I really do not want to involve in any fight, or arguments because in the end they never end peacefully, the history is a testimony to that. I am a human being who feel things, and I have searched the depths of many emotions that exist, there is love and happiness that we feel when we touch nature and it inspire us to help and share Happiness around us, and there is pain that give birth to anger and rage and vengeance, it is total destruction and the only thing we feel afterwards is regret. I share my emotions through writing blogs, poems, songs and making videos, capturing life events, photograph. And I certainly do not like changing others views about life or the way that they live. But this habit of feeling everything that I can’t help, force me to come out from that peaceful cave and express my views sometimes.
Well this hate is staying with us from centuries because of which million dies and it calls on destruction. i believe in forgiving, I never hated anyone in my life and I can’t,
just imagine that there comes a time where all people will start fighting each other making groups.
at that time you are not going to find me with any group, at that time I will be travelling, visiting all the wonderful places Almighty created before our fighting world destroy them with those nuclear toys they feel so proud about, but I will master some survival skills that I always wanted to, so maybe I will be helping weak people on my journey. Like a good ninja!!!! 🙌 ; lol
Weird!!! Isn’t it. Well!! I hope that day will never come.


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