I love writing,we all have some things inside our mind,commonly known as thoughts, some love to express it, not to prove something, but just to share their opinion, thats what i do… everything in this blog is imaginary,and original

Living a Life

I hope you all are in good mood and health, if you are not it is also fine, because the things I am going to tell will make you appreciate everything. 

What does living a life to the fullest extend means???

To live every moment like a king? Or to stay happy? or to go and conquer the world? the views may change with every single mind and thought. 

But to live at the fullest extend means accepting everything that comes your way, living means exploring everything around you, to laugh until you can’t anymore, to cry, to shout, to fight, to fall, to love, to try new things, to eat the mouth watering food and also to taste all those food that people say are awful. Who knows you may fall in love for that food. So try them yourself because when you live by others opinion and experience, you lack that freedom and truth you need. But when you, yourself experience that crazy ride, that delicious food, that huge skyscraper, that beautiful flower and you feel that excitement in real, all by yourself, that’s what it is mean to be living your life to the fullest extend. 

Now a step further, living means exploring just not the good things but the worse ones too. Because it make you generous and take your character to the next level! When you get tired after doing work, that feeling is something that only those who do hard work can understand. If you fall ill, you know how it feels and at that moment you have explored something from this life. When you are all broke sleeping at a bus stop hungry, you have explored something priceless, and when you will become rich, you will never hesitate to help that person who is sleeping on that bus stop. These all things make us, when we remove that fear and dive into the air. Than only we can see how much beautiful a flight can be. But all you need is courage. 

I have tried so many things but I never stop. The first time I tried eating momos I threw them into the dustbin, but now I love them because I tried again at a different shop. So be open and never let others opinion or your own opinion come in your way of trying new things. You may never know what you are going to find interesting.

Give chance to others and do different things in life. May be it will be a turning point for you. May be you will find the new meaning of your life. May be you will find the happiness, you always craved for. May be. Who knows. So try everything without hestitation and keep your fears aside because those experiences are going to be priceless and living to the fullest requires courage, so you have to boost yourself to open the doors of the unknown.

Go for it and live your life to the fullest.


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