I love writing,we all have some things inside our mind,commonly known as thoughts, some love to express it, not to prove something, but just to share their opinion, thats what i do… everything in this blog is imaginary,and original

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Faith & Logic

There are two type of people in this world one who do things logically, and the ones who leave everything on faith. I believe that those who leave everything on faith and do not want to move, try and use their mind are fools.


I believe in both, because I believe that when logic combines with faith you can achieve anything.
The most powerful thing of all that we witness in those who possess faith is ‘hope’ and that thing make a big difference.
When logic teaches you that you can achieve anything with some given requirements and when you fail to meet those given requirement you loose hope, and that’s when Faith comes, it give you hope and tells you to try one more time and one more and one more. And certainly you achieve something that is close to impossible, something that is possible in million tries, and it is because of faith you do not loose hope and achieved that.
So believe it or not but somehow faith makes you believe something that does not exist and you try harder to know the truth.