I love writing,we all have some things inside our mind,commonly known as thoughts, some love to express it, not to prove something, but just to share their opinion, thats what i do… everything in this blog is imaginary,and original

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I can do it…..yes i can!!!

This is my first blog, and i want to start with something that i notice everyday in people around me,the hesitation, the doubt whether they are going to get success or not,many people quit before they start, before taking a single step, sometimes it is hesitation,fear of failure, but more than that the comments and advice’s from people around us ,we tend to follow the trend what others are running after without even giving a single thought that who we are following, who are the people ,giving us those advice’s, believe me my friend, each and every person in this world has a different story,life,era, abilities so before doing or quitting ,think about it, the thing that you want to do, if you really want to do that, do it, it is your life, you are responsible for everything, not the people who are now giving you advice’s, but most important thing is you should try, people are going to stop you, passing you comments,and going to laugh on you. And i do what i believe, before writing this i told my friend ,that i want to write, and his expressions are, why?you?stop? and i am like , i love writing that’s why, and i started writing,
When we want to try something, we want to get some advice’s, and then ask people around what they think,
so now here is the thing,
if you are surrounded by people who are creative, open minded, who also love doing the thing you asked for,for example you want to do painting, they are going to support you,appreciate you, help you, but if you ask someone who hate painting, he obviously going you give you a 100 reasons not to do painting,so first step is, that you should ask people who know about the field ,and are passionate about it, and not any random person.
the first step is to get the company of people of your field of interest, and the later steps will become easy for you…
And if you are the first one to attempt something you believe in, listen to your voice, follow your advice only you can help yourself.
so get up and start doing what you always wanted to do….